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Click below to download a Shareware version of Zip Backup To CD 2.27, 22. November. 2001

Download Zip Backup To CD 2.27 
as a self extracting exe file (zipback.exe, size 1090 Kb), preferred method.

Download Zip Backup To CD 2.27
as a standard Zip file (, size 1059 Kb).

Revision history:

Version 2.27. Minor bug fix.   
Version 2.25. New release with complete system restore of Windows 9x, ME. Catalog file. Log file are included in backup. Registry backup and restore.   
Version 2.21. New release with handling of more than 65500 files fitting in one zipfile and enhanced utilization of the operating systems resources (win9x and ME).   
Version 2.20. New release with Tray icon, Overwrite Zip file,  No compression, Write all files to log.   
Version 2.15. Added Zip file verify after backup. Support for foreign characters in filenames.
Version 2.00. New release with drag and drop interface. Include and exclude list. Volume information in zip file. 
Problem Status
Version 2.27
Problem with some date formats dd/mmm/yyyy, and destination drive. Fixed

Version 2.21
Program is responding very slow with a big log file. Fixed

Version 2.20
In Win9x and ME, error messages when the log files is to big. Fixed

Version 2.15
Skipping a scheduled run once job under some conditions. Fixed
File size is getting larger than defined (especially under Windows 2000). Fixed

Version 2.12
Problem with reading some date formats in the scheduler Fixed

Version 2.10
Problem with error messages "List index out of...." when there is only one scheduled job and this job is run once. Fixed

Version 1.20
Problem with continuing after out of disk space Fixed

Version 1.10
Looping when a file have a wrong date-time stamp Fixed
When used with the parameter /H, the program stops after the first ZIP file Fixed

Copyright (C) Datahjaelp, 2001. All rights reserved.